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Lockdown virtual photoshoots

During this latest (third) lockdown, I have been going all round the world, doing virtual photoshoots via Facetime. Here are just a few of the virtual photos I have taken, out of almost a hundred.

Doing this virtual photoshoot project has connected me to so many amazing people around the world from my own sitting room. It’s given me the chance to catch-up (and in some cases meet for the first time) with my friends and get a flavour of what they are up to during this crazy Covid time.

It's also incredible to see how quickly technology has caught up with the times, enabling high quality photos to be taken via a computer and a phone across thousands of miles.

The whole process has made me realise even more what an amazing world we live in and what amazing humans live within it. This feels very life affirming and important to remember, particularly during such trying times.

Thanks so much to all who have taken part so far!


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