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April Ashley and Boo La Croux exhibition at Hay Castle

A Lady in Hay and Queen from no Scene

May 24 - Sep 22 at Hay Castle

April Ashley lived in Hay during the 1980s and was a well known character in town. As well as being a Hay resident she was also a famous model and a national celebrity whose image appeared in newspapers across the country and beyond. Her story started in the poverty stricken streets of 1930s Liverpool docks. It took her to London, Paris, Spain, LA as well as Bear Street, Hay on Wye. This exhibition will explore her life as a transgender pioneer - the face that the newspapers splashed on their front pages and the private person behind the make up and the glamorous clothes.

Dean Goodwin-Evans aka Boo La Croux lives on an Eardisley farm, in conservative, rural Herefordshire; farmer, organiser of Hereford Pride, professional hairdresser, son of an Aston Villa footballer, husband of Paul, lover of horses, and Miss Drag UK 2021.

This man, in all his multi-colour glory, is a photographer's dream. He looks incredible in full drag, and in combination with the animals on his farm, the visuals are spectacular.  

I first met Dean at Hay Pride in June 2022. I had never given Drag Queens much thought before. I had not really had any reason to consider why a man would want to dress up as a woman. But as I got to know Dean, he became increasingly fascinating. He is incredibly open about his background and his life, such as a childhood spent with an unconventional father, ejected from Aston Villa for punching a referee, and whose criminal activities led to petrol bombs being thrown through Dean's kitchen window when he was a kid.

The exhibition shows photos from my new book QUEEN FROM NO SCENE, published by Graffeg, and will be hung outside the gallery space at the castle. The book will also be available to purchase here, along with postcards.


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